The Chain

Sarah Lee
academic consultant and writer

Can the subaltern do a TED talk?

The subaltern cannot wield a radio mic

The subaltern cannot hold an invited audience captive in a Best Western of ideas

The subaltern cannot speak

The subaltern cannot create an epiphany of androcentric individuation

It is a vagabond nomad subject 

An unruly brown excrescence

They shine greasily under the studio lights 

And they are collectively unruly in their disavowal of soft furnishings

They can Kyle but they cannot Ted. 

“Down with this sort of thing” says Father Ted. 

©Sarah Lee

And who can blame him?  

And what does Mrs Doyle say? 

Mrs Who? Who knows? Who cares?  

She can’t speak 

And in this zombified, zoomified world who cares? 

How can we reimagine ourselves in a Zoomified world?

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