How to contribute?

The Chain is a growing series of linked entries from people in the IFTe network and beyond. They include speakers, contributors, members, investigators, advisory group members of IFTe, theorists, artists, activists, others. We’re open. Each chain entry responds in some way to the entry proceeding it and offers a suggestion (or three) for an entry to follow. We’re curating responses – but if you see an entry and you want to be the respondent let us know! We are quite happy to fork!

The links of this chain – and its various digressions – will bring into conversation people and ideas that, together, will build a narrative(s) that collectively articulates the scope and vision of intersectional DH in all its messy, dynamic, and potentially contradictory forms.

Links in the chain can be:

  • Patched in
  • Sewn up
  • Pasted in
  • Written up
  • Drawn down

We welcome writing, code, images, text, executables, screen shots.

Your contribution can be:

  • A gift
  • A question
  • A declaration
  • A screen shot
  • A piece of code
  • A glitch
  • A statement
  • A response

The details:

Limits: nothing more than two pages (1500 words). No more than three images. Probably with brief captions. No code larger than our servers will allow.

Essential: Three suggestions for what needs to follow next!  We want to see what intersects.  Suggestions can be from one word (or image) up to around two paragraphs.

Give us something. It doesn’t cost. We hate to say it you have to have the right to give what you give us. We’ll Creative Commons the work under this licence.


This research/project was funded by UKRI-AHRC and the Irish Research Council under the
‘UK-Ireland Collaboration in the Digital Humanities Networking Call’(grant numbers
AH/V00199X/1 and IRC/V00199X/1)